Top Landmarks in Lisbon

You have probably got an idea of an itinerary for when you’re visiting Lisbon, but there are some places that you really shouldn’t miss out on your list! Mostly because they are so unique to Lisbon so the type of thing you don’t see in every city! Read on to find out the top landmarks
Lisbon is a very cultural and historical city, full of museums! However, there are so many different museums and it can be quite confusing for someone just arriving! Read on to find out everything you need to know about 5 of the most popular museums in Lisbon so you can figure out where you need
Looking for somewhere new and beautiful to visit that will not break the bank? Lisbon is the place to travel to on a budget! The city is full of history, culture, beautiful streets and landscapes and so much more but one of the best things about it is that it is a very affordable capital!
If you are planning your next trip and the final destination turns out to be Lisbon, the underground culture is all around. Street art, hippie associations and alternative cafés & bars are a must see during your stay. One of the places that could take you back in the years with its atmosphere and spirit

What not to miss in Lisbon!

If you are planning a trip to Lisbon, you probably have an idea of what you want to see! However, there are some gems that you might have missed out in your itinerary preparation that you should definitely make time for! Visit the most picturesque districts of Lisbon! First of all, be sure to wander
Lisbon is known for its beautiful high viewpoints, houses covered in azulejos and iconic yellow trams. However, when you visit the city, you will notice quite a few surprising things you can find in Lisbon! Illegal Chinese Restaurants Around the area of Mouraria, just next to the Martin Moniz square, often hidden away in inconspicuous
Lisbon is one of the smallest capitals in Europe with a population of just under 600 000 but still has something for everyone! The postcard-perfect city of Lisbon with its huge variety of interesting and fun things to do and see should definitely be on your bucket list! Food and Wine The Portuguese love their

Portuguese wine

Who tastes the Portuguese wine, immediately says: ’it is typical Portuguese’. The Portuguese wines have a strong individual character just like the Portuguese themselves. Many exotic grape varieties are used. Yet you can taste a modern wine through the classic flavours, like the chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon.   Source The history  Portugal has been producing wine
Portugal is one of the most popular yoga destinations in Europe. While it’s a frequent travel choice for lots of yogis and non-yogis alike, it’s also a hidden gem to others. Having traveled through Portugal recently myself, I’ve put together this guide to help you get a glimpse of what yoga in Portugal looks like
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 In such a hot weather there is only one thing which will cool you down: Beach! Thanks to the Atlantic ocean surrounding 832 km of coastline, Portugal is the perfect place to enjoy sandy beaches, not far away from the capitol. If you are a fan of water-related activities like surfing, kiteboarding or simply build
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