There are some things you should count on when moving to Portugal. Are you playing with an idea of moving to Lisbon? Are you coming for Erasmus studies or for an internship? First thoughts about living in Portugal are, of course, leading to the beach. But then, you need to think more practically, right? Let
  The foundation of every culture is undoubtedly local cuisine, and if you are a food lover, you will certainly fall in love with all the Portuguese dishes!  Portugal is surrounded by the Atlantic ocean (in the western coast), which offers its treasures as well as a lovely view during tasting those dishes. If you
1. Lisbon is the second oldest capital in Europe After Athens in Greece, Lisbon is one of the oldest capitals in Europe. Lisbon’s history extends back to the pre-Roman era. After, the Romans, Germans and the Moors ruled the city before 1147. 1147 saw the takeover of the city by the Portuguese Christian crusaders who
1. Cascais Cascais is a beautiful fishing village just a 30 minute train journey away. The train tickets are not expensive which makes it a very good option for a sunny afternoon out with friends or family! The centre of Cascais itself is very charming and there are many bars, restaurants, gift shops and museums
Portuguese can be a difficult language to learn how to speak fluently so why not try and use these slang words to help you sound more like a local! 1. Tô This is the Portuguese way for answering the phone.  It comes from the word estou, which is the Portuguese 1st person from of the
Lisbon is famous for the ‘pastel de nata’ – the Portuguese custard tart. It’s ingredients are quite simple: a puff pastry filled with a custard tart made of cream, egg yolk, sugar, flour and lemon zest. However with so many places to taste these tarts, competition to be the best is high! We have selected
Lisbon’s street art is always changing! Why not join us on our Street Art tour every Saturday to discover the hidden art of the city for yourself!   1. Leftist Propaganda – Bairro Alto After the revolution in 1974 in which the Portuguese dictator Salazar was overthrown, leftist propaganda appeared all over the streets of
If you love food, Portugal is definitely the place for you! Cheese is famous in Portugal and below we have listed the top 5 for you to try! 1. Azeitão (a favourite cheese among everyone!) Like many Portuguese cheeses, using sheep’s milk makes Azeitão deliciously creamy! It is an extremely soft cheese, so you don’t
There is always so much going on this vibrant city that sometimes it is impossible to know where to start! So, to help you discover Lisbon in the best way, we have found the top 5 best apps for visiting Lisbon!   1. Lisboa Cool This genuinely is one of the coolest travel apps ever!
A brief history… Following the rebuilding of war-torn Europe in the 1950s, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) launched Eurovision as a project to unite the European countries with a light entertainment programme. Nowadays, Eurovision is the longest running annual international TV song competition. Since beginning in 1956, it has been one of the most watched
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