Lisbon is getting more and more trendy  and the truth is that we all love it!  This city’s beauty is infinite and we are so proud of her! We thought we’d leave you with some interesting facts about Lisbon which perhaps could be some of the reasons why was voted the best Destination in the
We’ve already told you everything about Lisbon nightlife and how great it is, BUT during new year’s eve, it get even better!  One thing is true: Lisbon is definitely the best city to start your year right!  If you still have no idea what to do, we saved you some trouble and we’re giving you different choices
If you have decided to visit Lisbon during this magical time of the year that’s Christmas, you have made the perfect decision !  The city has plenty of options for those traveling alone, families, friends and couples – you name it. We have picked up some lovely ideas and plans for you to do while
  It is not a myth that Lisbon is one of the best cities in Europe to go out.  You can choose from going to bars, Fado houses and nightclubs, and you can  drink on the streets! After watching the sunset in a beautiful viewpoint people head out to some of the most popular districts,
If there is anything that characterizes Portugal, is the character and customs of its people. Personality is certainly not something this great country lacks of. Here are some of the things I’ve picked up from living in Lisbon that called my attention so far   The sun!    The sun plays an important role in
You’ve certainly noticed that Lisbon is surrounded by two incredible bridges. Each one has a long historical background that cannot go unnoticed. As they’re part of Lisbon’s culture it’s time we let you know a bit about it! Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge   25 de Abril suspension bridge is one of Lisbon’s most outstanding
Some people say one of Portugal’s most captivating works of art is out on the streets: azulejo (hand-painted tile). This  legacy of the Moors was adopted by the Portuguese and put into stunning use over the centuries. Exquisite displays cover all kinds of walls, from train station to buildings or churches, with stories painted on the
If you are traveling on a budget or don’t want to spend too much money while sightseeing and experiencing the local culture, Lisbon is the perfect destination for you! The city has a lot to offer for tourists; not only it has amazing places you can visit for free but it also has an great

Top 6 bars in Lisbon: funky spots

Lisbon’s bars and rooftops are a great part of its culture, so as there’s so many we made a little selection of the very best just for you!    Red Frog The whole  journey starts with trying to find this bar, as the only sign in the entrance is a huge red frog. The bar
The concept of “Free Walking Tour” has been growing through recent years. Exploring the city with a local guide  become more and more popular among travelers because it’s a easy and fun way to learn about its history and culture, as well as find the city’s hidden gems and not only the touristy spots.  
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