Our COVID-19 protocol

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we have implemented some new measures that need to be made during all of our activities to keep our guests, guides and partners safe. All rules were made according to the latest guidelines of the World Health Organization, Associação da Hotelaria, Restauração e Similares de Portugal (Portuguese Association for Hotels and Restaurants) and Direção-Geral da Saúde (General Health Directorate).

Discover Lisbon assusres all guests that:

  • All of our tours have 1 guide and  10 guests maximum;

  • All the partners of our activities are following the COVID-19 recommendations, all the parameters are being respected before we arrive at the venue;

All of our guides:

  • Check their temperature and possible symptoms  before and after the activity to be able to warn the company of possible changes in time for the right measures being able to be applied;

  • Are obliged to use face shields throughout the tours;

  • Have alcohol gel solution provided by the company;

  • respect the safety distance recommended of 1 meters distance minimum;

  • Limit their contact with the guest to the essential;

  • Must avoid crowded areas;

We strongly recommend all of our guests to:

  • Use face masks during the activities - we have them available for purchase at the meeting point;

  • Disinfect their hands regularly, especially after touching money - alcohol gel is available during every activity;

  • Pay by card whenever possible - possible for all of our Musto do Tours and Pubcrawl;

Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation, enjoy our tours!

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