Who else knows and loves Lisbon as much as we do?
Discover Lisbon was born as the number 1 Pub Crawl in Lisbon, energetically guiding tourists through an unforgettable Portuguese night!

Not only do we dedicate our energy to the parties, but we have developed our expert team to give you a walking experience guided through the hills of Lisbon. Offering a combination of free walking tours, special tours and night tour, Discover Lisbon is all you need to make the most of your holiday in Lisbon. Let us bring youth, vivacity and fun into your vacation, with our enthusiastic, travelled, and well educated guides. We can guarantee that you won’t want to leave after spending time with us!

Lara moved to Lisbon after she visited the city for one afternoon and fell in love while sipping sangria at one of the city's many view points. As a tour guide, she makes it her mission to reveal what she calls the city's "magic", which continues to enchant her. Lara never tires of seeking out the hidden gems and secret spots of Lisbon and is always happy to share this "off the beaten track" side of the city.
After studying French, Spanish and Italian at University, she moved on to and was subsequently fascinated by the enthralling nuances of Portuguese. For this reason, she loves to take people to see Fado, often translating the lyrics from Portuguese into multiple languages.
Her favourite part of the city to tour is Mouraria, the area where she lives and is incredibly protective and proud of!

A travel writer, blogger and poet, she views the city from a romantic standpoint and when asked what the ultimate "must do" in Lisbon is, she will always tell people to simply walk around, stop for a drink (or three) and soak up the magic!

Beatriz is in love with Lisbon and all the different places and sights to explore. Portuguese and passionate about the country and its culture! With her, learning Portuguese will be a must! Sharing experiences and her knowledge is something that fascinates her! She has studied tourism, territory and heritage so will be able to answer all of your questions. Because Lisbon is not just the cultural part, food and drinks will be a major part while discovering the city! It is unthinkable not to try the sardiness, the Portuguese custard or ginginha! Totally in love with the city with everything but specially with Alfama and the downtown!

Katrina is 1/2 Portuguese and has been coming to Portugal every summer since she can remember. She moved to Lisbon in October 2016 and considers it home. She has always felt an affinity for the Portuguese culture, cuisine and lifestyle. She is completely enamored with Lisbon and considers it her objective to show tourists the city's magic, sharing with everyone her personal stories and tips on what to do during their stay.

He describes himself as the biggest Lisbon lover, proud of the city that he always lived, he loves to share his passion about the city with all the visitors. Besides sharing the city s history with all the guests he likes to share his own opinions about some of the most popular attractions in the city and he loves to share people around. He's happy if after the tours he can still join some guests and show some of his favorites places and have dinner and go to party with them, he basically wants to be your local friend and that you can see Lisboa by the local's eyes. Diogo never gets tired of the city he knows there's always something new to find and see, he's crazy about party and always sings a bit of Fado during the tours. He studied Tourism Information so he could be a tourist guide , and he thinks that meeting the locals is the best way to know a city or country. He loves music, photography, and sightseeing but he hates custard tarts. His favorite parts of the city to tour are Alfama and Belém quarters.

Born and raised in Silves, a southern city in the Algarve region. Moved to Lisbon to pursue her dreams and study Art & History. Very fast her love for the city grew fonder and fonder and decided that Lisbon is her home! She sees Lisbon's soul carried in each building and is here to share her passion and love about history. Proud about being Portuguese and a fantastic storyteller she is here to show you around her favorite city in the world! She thinks that every corner has a story and she will tell you all about it! Also, Diana knows about all the Lisbon tales so expect a lot of tales too during her tours! Loves meeting people from different countries of the world and is always willing to share her local knowledge. Her positivity is contagious and it is very difficult to not notice her excitement!

Elena arrived to Lisbon from Romania three years ago. She fell in love with the city because of its amazing vibe, all the different cultures that bound together and the smell of the ocean. Her favorite thing to do is discovering new places and enjoy the views over Lisbon in the multiple overlooks. She adores Alfama because it reminds her of the village where she grew up.