Without a doubt a Fado is a must see for people visiting Lisbon!
Fado is a music genre truly born within the soul of the Portuguese people. It is a story about Portuguese history, and  whilst many different types of Fado exist they are all characterised by their mournful melodies and melancholic lyrics.
All of this is loosely expressed by the word  ‘saudade’. Saudade expresses nostalgia and the idea of ‘longing’. Fado definitely makes you feel something when listening to it, and is definitely an experience that we highly recommend!

The unique cultural importance of Fado has earned it a rightful place on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

So, why don’t you come  spend an evening with us and continue your journey into Portuguese culture. Enjoy a 2-hour show in the birthplace of Portuguese Fado accompanied by a glass of wine and an appetizer. Our expert guide  will explain the history of this cultural phenomenon and its importance in today’s society.

They will also explain the significance of the lyrics of the Fado music for you in order to give you a better understanding of ‘saudade’.

Experience a true Lisbon evening!

What's Included

  • Front seat for a Fado show;
  •  One drink to enjoy with appetizers throughout the tour;
  • Typical Portuguese restaurant;
  • Legendary stories;
  • Entire tour assisted by expert local guide;
  • A journey into Portuguese culture.

What's Not Included

  • Contribution to the guide;
  • Dinner ( available to purchase durig the tour )

Find us

Look for us at Rossio square, find our yellow shirted team near the statue.

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