Taste Lisbon

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Days of the Tour

Monday and Thursday

7:00 PM

It is no secret that the Portuguese love their food, and they have a good reason for it too…the Portuguese cuisine is unlike any other!  

Portugal has always been home to a range of different cultures and this is reflected in our wide variety of diversely rich dishes! From exquisite meats and seafood, sweet wine to incredible cheese, we guarantee that, by the end of this tour, you will enjoy Portuguese cuisine as much as we do!

Our tour takes you to a selection of  typical tapas or ‘petisco’ restaurants in Lisbon. The word ‘petiscos’ in the Portuguese language translates as ‘small sharing dishes’ and they are local specialities.  During the evening you will embark on your own culinary journey from the North to the South via various petiscos accompanied by several drinks! Our expert guide for the night will also share with you the legends and stories behind Portuguese gastronomy.

So, if you are keen to try the Portuguese flavours in a fun and relaxed atmosphere at some great tapas restaurants …wear your looser trousers and come and join us for an evening!

  • Several drinks to enjoy throughout the tour;
  • Typical Portuguese restaurants;
  • Legendary stories;
  • Entire tour assisted by expert local guide;
  • A journey into Portuguese culture.
  • Any additional activities.

Rossio Square, look for our yellow shirted team near the statue.

Tour Price


Students: 20€